Saturday, May 26, 2012

Leica X-2 Silver Review, Specs, Price, Buy, Pros Cons

Leica X2 Digital Camera with Elmarit 24mm f/2.8 ASPH Lens. Looking for Leica X-2 Silver, Is Leica X-2 Silver worth to buy? Before you decide to buy Leica X-2 Silver, read first my reviews below. I hope my reviews could give you enough information.

Leica X-2 Silver Details:
- Leica 24mm F2.8 Elmarit
- Newly developed 16.1 megapixel CMOS sensor
- Simple operation wih manual full manual adjustments

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Leica introduces its new X2, the second digital compact camera series X "made in Germany", following the aesthetic of the first model and the concept of using a sensor APS-C, but with interesting news, not only in itself, but what they represent ... in our opinion. The new sensor is a CMOS APS-C of 16.2 effective megapixels (ISO 100 to 12,500), compared with 12.3 X1 model, and among the improvements are not directly visible, announces improved autofocus system quickly and silent operation. The system is 11 points, spot options, face detection and manual focus, which is up to 30 cm. As understood, a captor of generous dimensions and resolution still contained, expect a very good signal to noise ratio.

In our opinion, this newly developed Leica, could mean that the project announced by Dr. Kaufmann in the sense of developing a CSC, more futuristic and it would not be excluded that in the environment Photokina could talk and a Leica sort of "X3" with interchangeable lens, keeping the body and the current sensor.


Friday, May 25, 2012

Samsung DV300F 16-megapixel DualView Review, Specs, Price, Buy, Pros Cons

Samsung DV300F 16-megapixel DualView Digital Camera. Looking for Samsung DV300F 16-megapixel DualView, Is Samsung DV300F 16-megapixel DualView worth to buy? Before you decide to buy Samsung DV300F 16-megapixel DualView, read first my reviews below. I hope my reviews could give you enough information.

Samsung DV300F 16-megapixel DualView Details:
- 2D Panorama
- WiFi connectivity
- Dual Image Stabilization

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- Light weight
- Thinner than Canon SD powershots
- Children cartoons in front and can add music playing
- Do not need to remove microSD. plug the camera into computer. Just remove the wall prong end of the charger and the same chord can be plugged into the computer.
- Do not need to remove battery. Just plug in the charger into the wall and the chord into the camera.
- You can even charge the camera while it's in the provided case.
- To add more photo space, we set to 10M, which can fit 1,250 pictures with the 4G included.
- If you distance yourself enough, the flash can produce good vibrant colors in auto mode (here auto mode is called Smart mode).
- W/o flash, the colors via auto mode are pretty vibrant and accurate. Not too orange or blue, etc.
- There's is a dedicated button on top jsut to turn on the lcd in front.
- Very colorful menu whose options look like iphone app icons. it's not touchscreen as far as i know. other cameras are jsut simple white text menus.

- Switching from Photo-Video-Children mode is not in one menu. You have to go through tiny menu tabs that are only text. Not as intuitive, but one can get used to it. I was expecting a simpler menu or a switch that goes from photo to video at least. you need to go to the menu to go from photo to video to other modes. Seems like it's market was aimed towards teens and mothers of children.

There are many other features we don't need like wi-fi, emailing directly from the camera, tranfering photos from camera to smartphone wirelessly, panoramic merge, color magic, fun distortions, but for our use, it's perfect and great price. This kit comes in ONE box, not separate boxes like one for the camera, one for the SD card, one for the pouch. The kit is shrinkwrapped in one Samsung box. So that you can wrap as a single gift. Other than the semi-intuitive menu, this is packed with more features than we need.

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